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Christmas gifts are some of the reasons why this season is the most-awaited holiday season of the year! When Christmas is near, the air becomes festive and you can see everyone bustling about picking presents and organizing holiday gatherings. Some people are busy doing last-minute diet fads and workouts to reach their ideal body goals before the year ends and to be their best self when socializing during the holiday season. Everything is enchanted and magical!


However, finding the right Christmas gift can be such a headache!

There are some people who seem to have everything, and getting them a Christmas gift is the most challenging thing you’ll ever have to do during the holidays!

The solution for the Ultimate Christmas Gift Dilemma

Edible gifts!

The thing is, nowadays, edible gifts are full of sugar – unhealthy, and might not be ideal if the people you want to give it to are health-conscious.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best edible Christmas gifts that are healthy enough for you to give out during the holidays!

Best Healthy Christmas Gifts that are Edible

  1. Elite Protein – this is more than just a protein supplement. It can serve as a snack, a meal replacement, or a simple refreshing smoothie! Elite protein is available in vanilla and chocolate. It’s delicious and irresistible, the best protein smoothie in the market! We guarantee that anyone who receives it will simply love it. Is symbolic too! It’s a great way to relay your wishes for health and wellness for the upcoming year! It’s a sweet (literally) and thoughtful gift!
  2. Granola Jars – this is something healthy that you can make yourself! Fill out cute mason jars with baked granola, tie it up with a pretty ribbon and a recipe and give it to someone who is always on the go – it’s pretty, healthy and convenient!
  3. Cookie Jars – Fill a mason jar with ingredients of your favorite vegan cookie recipe. Stacking one ingredient after the other so it looking deliciously artsy and tie it with a ribbon along with the recipe.  This gift makes perfect healthy snacks after the excitement of the holidays have passed!
  4. Hot Chocolate Jar – Fill a jar with ingredients from your favorite hot chocolate recipe – yes, marshmallows included! Tie it up with the instructions. The receiver of your gift won’t need to do anything except add hot milk or water. That, alone would make it the best hot chocolate they’ll ever have this winter! It may not be as healthy as giving a jar of Elite Protein, but this gift is definitely hearty!
  5. Nutty Nuts – Another edible gift you can give is nuts! Nuts are just perfect gifts!. When you have a jar of nuts handy during the bustling holidays, it will surely keep you from becoming nuts, that’s for sure! Mix up your favorite nuts – or better yet, the favorite nuts of your recipient! Gather them together, and fill up a mason jar to make another DIY Mason jar gift this Christmas! This is one of our healthier picks. It’s definitely one of the healthiest edible Christmas gifts you can give!


And since it’s Christmas, we’re giving away discounts on Elite Protein purchases on our website and Amazon! Don’t miss it! Your health-conscious loved ones will definitely be thrilled to receive Elite Protein as a Christmas gift! You never know – it might already be on their Christmas wish list!

Which one will you give out this Christmas?

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