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Pumpkin Pie Cookie Bars

Prep Time: 15 Minutes Cook Time: 40 Minutes Total Time: 55 Minutes Servings:  6 Squares Your favorite fall pie meets gooey cookie goodness in these Pumpkin Pie Cookie Bars with pecan crust, spiced filling, and lots of chocolate chips! INGREDIENTS PECAN...

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Good Night Sweet Dreams Smoothie

It’s almost bedtime, but you’re still hungry? What you need is a smoothie to help you catch some zzz's!     Hunger strikes on the most untimely hours. It usually hits us when we're about to go to bed. However, as long as we're not binge eating before bed, putting...

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Elite Love Muffins Recipe

Elite Love Muffins Servings: 5 30 Minutes Prep Time Cupcakes are great, but muffins are also equally amazing! These fluffy handheld treats are perfect any time of day—even for dinner if they’re savory. And as long as they’re made with nutritious ingredients, they can...

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