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We’ve spent a lot of days all over Brazil hanging out with the locals and making friends. We shared our love for green smoothies with everyone we met and we learned tips about health and losing weight and staying in shape the Brazilian way. We also got to try exotic fruits for our special vacation smoothies!
Check out our adventure as we spread the love for Green smoothies all over Brazil through our videos and photos!

Brazil is not just about the sun, sand and the beach. It’s not just a country of beautiful people or the exotic tropical fruits either. When you are in Brazil, be sure to check out the World Heritage Sites located all over the country! There are Forest and Marine Reserves, a large part of the Amazon Basin, National Parks and historical towns and cities. With breathtaking architecture, you’d feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you step into these places oozing with history and culture. You will surely be overwhelmed! Just take for instance, Salvador, the majestic first capital of Brazil. It’s now the capital of Bahia, one of the most interesting Brazilian states. It’s one of the oldest colonial cities in America and in here you will be stunned by the architecture, with the colorful buildings and baroque churches and cobblestone paths. You will experience the rich history of the city with that and with the performers on its winding streets and alleys. It has a beautiful coastline too, and definitely one of the most romantic cities we’ve ever been to. Another city in Bahia is the Porto Seguro which is where the first sailors from Portugal landed. The city is as breathtaking as Salvador and it boasts of an intensely active nightlife. Of course, there’s also Rio, with its famous Ipanema and Copacobana beaches.
Did we already mention the carnival? The Bahia Carnival is considered as the Carnival of all carnivals! The carnival in Rio is probably the most well-known in the world and by far the largest. If that won’t tempt you to visit Brazil, I don’t know what else will!

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