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When we were in the Dominican Republic, we stayed at the Iberostar Grand Bavaro Hotel. It’s located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Frankly, there’s no place we’d rather be. It’s a sprawling 5-star hotel by the sea. The Iberostar Grand Bavaro Hotel is another adult-only all-inclusive hotel where you can make the most of your vacation. Don’t fret, if you want to take your kids on vacation, there are other Iberostar hotels in the Dominican Republic that are kid-friendly and all-inclusive as well. From the time you arrive when you’d be receiving a warm and refreshing welcome, until the time you leave, you will have nothing short of an exquisite experience. In fact, you can even adjust your check out time according to your preferences!
The resort offers exclusive services and you can have yours highly personalized. You can have a personal butler so you can imagine getting your whims all catered while you are staying here. The view is also fantastic, it’s a little bit of heaven on earth. We were almost blinded by the striking whiteness of the sand against the blueness of the sea at this part of the world.
In here, you can enjoy everything other Iberostar Grand Hotels offer. For instance, you can pamper yourself at the spa or have the pampering done at the beach with the waves lapping at your feet, avail of the poolside services and enjoy the variety of daytime and nighttime activities and entertainment. Part of the Iberostar staff are the Starfriends, whose mission is to keep everyone entertained no matter which age range you belong to. Daytime and nighttime entertainment is fabulous because of these expert entertainers! They even offer up to 14 hours of activities per day, imagine that! Iberostar also added new fitness centers and fabulous fitness programs with excellent trainers in all hotels! For fitness buffs like ourselves, it’s a dream come true. We were able to stay in shape without watching what we eat while on vacation and we also enjoyed their company and advice exchanges about health. Of course, we also shared our green smoothies, because hey, our mission is to spread the Green Regimen all around after all.
The staff members pay extra attention to details and nothing is overlooked. The staff make it a point to make sure that you are completely satisfied during your stay. You will surely enjoy the comfort of your room just like how we did. Everything is tastefully decorated, and you will find it impossible to find something to dislike.
There aren’t any dull moments at Iberostar Grand Bavaro Hotel.Through our photos and videos, you can experience a bit of this awesome hotel, where we filmed most of our vacation smoothies within Dominican Republic. See for yourself!

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