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When you find yourself in Mexico, the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso is definitely the place to be. The Grand is located just 30 minutes outside of Cancun in Playa Paraiso, Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It’s a luxurious adult-only all-inclusive resort and it’s right on top of our ‘best hotels’ list! It’s sitting like a queen by the Caribbean Sea Coast, so you’d wake up to a breathtaking view of the sea every morning. The stark contrast between the pristine white sand and the jewel-like sea will leave you feeling like you’re in a dream. The location is undoubtedly superb, and just like us, you’d wish time would just stop so you’d never have to go home.
It’s not just about the location either! The staff and the services they offer are the true treasures of this hotel. They offer personalized services, which means you will have a personal butler! You don’t even have to request for it, you’d just automatically get one during your stay. Isn’t it amazing? You can lounge by the pool or get a relaxing massage at the beach while listening to the sound of the waves. There’s never a dull moment during daytime because they offer a variety of activities that caters to any preference. For instance, you can play golf, tennis or basketball and even archery if you’re into sports. And they have a fitness center with an amazing fitness program, called the Star Fit and Fun. It was perfect for us, since we’re so into health and fitness. Here’s their Facebook page, it’s definitely worth checking out! We coupled our green smoothies with that fitness program and it was superb! You would love it too – vacations by the beach means a beach body is a must, after all. It’s a special touch we really appreciate. You can also play billiards or darts or you can go for water sports. For us, water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing and banana boating appealed the most because the striking blue sea is just too inviting to resist! You’d surely share our sentiments once you’re there, And the nights! You can enjoy nighttime entertainment as well. Grand Hotel Paraiso is truly a paradise and it’s such a romantic one at night too. Maybe it has to do with the beautiful architecture and the lighting and the location. They also have several restaurants with international cuisine so you can eat whatever suits your fancy at any given time. You can opt for buffet restaurants, go for more casual dining or a more formal dining experience too! We just fell in love with everything. If this is not the epitome of a luxurious vacation, we don’t know what is!
Don’t blame us if you would end up flying to Mexico after seeing our photos and videos, you’ve been warned!
And don’t worry, the other Iberostar hotels are kid-friendly which would be perfect for vacations for the entire family!

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