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Tips on Successfully Switching to a Good Low Carb Diet Plan

So you’ve decided that you need to switch to a good low carb diet plan after reading our Beginner’s Complete Guide to Carbs. We totally get you! Switching to low carb diet programs can be one of the fastest way to lose weight. A high carb diet plan will help you gain muscles and unlikely to help you lose so much weight within a short time. However, it can greatly reduce your body fat percentage too.

If you know the best high protein low carb diet programs, that would be an even better choice because the protein will help you build muscles and protect the ones you already have from breakdown. You can easily pull off the best high protein low carb diet by incorporating Elite Protein into your green smoothies and shakes.

These things aside, a good low carb diet plan won’t be good enough unless it’s one of those low carb diet plans that work. You should be able to apply it to your daily regimen for keeps.  It’s usually difficult to adjust to a low sugar and carb diet plan when you’ve been used to a high sugar high carb diet.

One of the most difficult thing to fight against is the constant cravings and hunger pangs!

Hence, here are some tips that will come handy when you’re planning to switch to a good low carb diet plan:

  • Ease into the low carb diet programs

Tips on Successfully Switching to a Good Low Carb Diet Plan

By that, we mean go easy on yourself. Refrain from making the switch so suddenly or else you’ll shock your body. No matter how perfect your good low carb diet plan is, it can fail if you make drastic changes to your diet. Let’s say you want to cut your carb intake into a thirds of your current eating habit. Do the cutting back slowly to allow your body to adjust. If you’re currently eating 1000 grams of carbohydrates, switch to a 750 grams limit for a week, then 500 grams limit for a week after that until you reach your ideal limit. You can easily do this by using calorie counters or carb counters such as this.


  • Don’t Let Your Blood Sugar Get too Low

Tips on Successfully Switching to a Good Low Carb Diet Plan

A good low carb diet might still leave room for blood sugar lows and hunger pangs. Don’t let your blood sugar drop too much or you will get dizzy and even pass out. You can prepare healthy snacks to munch on when this happens! It’s not a sin to snack even when you’ve switched to a low sugar and carb diet plan, as long as you make healthy choices. Check out this Guide to Healthy Snacking .


  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

Tips on Successfully Switching to a Good Low Carb Diet Plan

Your stomach might produce too much gastric acid since it’s used to producing great amounts to deal with your higher carbohydrate intake. You might feel some discomfort because of this. It’s a good idea to keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water to assist your body in digesting protein too. A glass of green smoothie infused with Elite Protein certainly won’t hurt either!


  • Choose Highly Nutritious Foods

Tips on Successfully Switching to a Good Low Carb Diet Plan

It will be a good idea to switch to a plant based diet on top of your good low carb diet plan. This will help you make better choices when it comes to food. Since you’re counting your carbohydrates and calories, make sure to pick high quality ones to make it count. Choose vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Choose healthy oils and healthy protein sources such as legumes!


  • Don’t Lose Weight Too Fast

Tips on Successfully Switching to a Good Low Carb Diet Plan

You should not be losing more than 2 pounds per week or else you will be at risk of losing water weight. You might lose your lean muscles too instead of fat. Go on a slow but sure pace.


Do you think you can easily follow these tips when you switch to a good low carb diet plan? We hope that you will be successful in your plan to lose weight and get fit.


Watch out for our next article featuring what foods to eat on low carb diet plans.


Since you need more protein to achieve the best high protein low carb diet, check out these protein-rich recipes that are completely plant based:

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